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Credits earned at an accredited institution with comparable academic content and rigor will be considered for transfer to Globe Institute of Technology (GIT). The sending institution should mail an official transcript that has a school seal directly to the GIT Registrar’s Office. This transcript will be evaluated by the Transfer of Credit Committee, as led by the Coordinator of Transfer Credits, and then stored in the student’s GIT file.

Applicants with foreign credentials must submit an official transcript in its original language. A professional course-by-course translation and evaluation of the international transcript is also required. This translation and evaluation must be completed in the English language by a professional transcript evaluation service such as Globe Language Services, Inc. or another equivalent service.

The evaluation process examines four items: course content and quality; course equivalency to the offerings at GIT; whether the course is applicable to the student’s program of study; and grade awarded for course. Transfer credit is awarded for grade of C or higher. Courses completed in the sending institution with a code indicating no grade or credit will not be transferred. Remedial courses will not be accepted for transfer.

Transfer credits can be assigned one of two categories: a program of study requirement, or an elective.

In some cases, the Coordinator of Transfer Credits might request from the student course descriptions or course syllabi for the courses in question. It is the student’s responsibility to acquire these materials so that the Committee can evaluate the credits fairly.

The number of transfer credits accepted from another institution must be equal to or less than the number of credits necessary to complete the program of study less the number of credits a student must earn through Globe Institute of Technology. All associate’s degree students are required to earn 30 credits with GIT, all bachelor’s degree in accounting students are required to earn 75 credits with GIT, and all other bachelor’s degree students are required to earn 60 credits with GIT.

In the case where an articulation agreement has been arranged between Globe Institute of Technology and the sending institution, the Coordinator will refer to the agreed equivalencies already decided upon.

Upon the completion of a transcript evaluation, the transferred credits will be applied to the student’s academic record.