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fashon_merchidiseThe global fashion industry has increased the demand for professionals. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the business, you can be a part of the design process from creating the initial concept to delivering the finalized product. Our Associate’s degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing is an intensive, career-focused curriculum that integrates contemporary conceptual design with the business principles you’ll need for merchandising and marketing. Our interdisciplinary projects, which simulate the fashion professional’s working environment, will enable you to create effective visual and oral presentations.Our program teaches communication skills and professional business behaviors. Your studies culminate with a credit-bearing internship in the fashion industry, which will prepare you to pursue employment in fashion merchandising and marketing.

Program Requirements:

  • Course Requirements (33 credits)

    Course: Credits:
    BSN100 Introduction to the Fashion Product 3
    BSN101 Fashion Business Trends 3
    BSN102 The Elements of Design 3
    BSN200 Marketing for Merchandisers 3
    BSN201 Retailing 3
    BSN202 Voice of Fashion 3
    BSN210 Fashion Buying 3
    BSN240 Creative Store Merchandising 3
    BSN220 Fashion Forecasting 3
    BSN230 Global Sourcing 3
    BSN300 Corporate Presentation and Internship 3
  • General Education Courses (17 credits)

    Course: Credits:
    GEN101 Freshman Seminar 1
    CIS109 CAD 3
    ENG101 Public Speaking 3
    ENG103 English Composition I 3
    ENG203 English Composition II 3
    LIB100 Information Literacy 1
    MAT150 Statistics 3
  • Distribution (18 credits)

    Course: Credits:
    SCIENCE: Elective 3
    HUMANITIES: ENG220 English Literature 3
    HUMANITIES: PHL220 Critical Thinking 3
    HUMANITIES: HIS154 History of Design 3
    HUMANITIES: HUM09 Design Sketching 3

 Total Credits: 68

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