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This certificate program is designed for students who intend to pursue careers in the information technology field as programmers, database specialists, technical support personnel, or positions in quality assurance, software consulting and computer-related sales support. The program is suited to individuals with strong analytic and problem-solving abilities who may be novices wanting to enter the field, or experienced programmers wanting to expand their range of job opportunities. Students apply what they learn in the labs developing projects related to banking, brokerage, retail, and other business applications. Graduates may further increase their employment prospects by applying the coursework from this certificate to a related degree at the Associate’s level.

Program Requirements:

  • Major Courses (27 credits)

    Course: Credits:
    CIS105 Foundations of Computer Systems 3
    CIS107 Computer Applications 3
    CIS110 Fundamentals of Programming 3
    CIS170 Systems Analysis & Design 3
    CIS180 C# Language Programming 3
    CIS220 Business Programming I 3
    CIS225 Business Programming II 3
    CIS290 Fundamentals of GUI Design 3
    CIS295 Database Management Systems 3
  • Other Requirements (12 credits)

    Course: Credits:
    MAT220 Discrete Mathematics 3
    BUS100 Management I 3
    FNB100 Introduction to Finance 3
    FNB200 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 3

 Total Credits: 39