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The Associate’s degree in Business Management and Computer Applications is designed for individuals who are interested in exploring the applications of practical business knowledge in a contemporary and increasingly technological business environment. The program offers strong functional knowledge in business disciplines and information technologies for the career-oriented student. Graduates of this program may continue their education toward a baccalaureate degree in this discipline.

Program Requirements:

  • Business Courses (12 credits)

    Course: Credits:
    ACC100 Accounting I 3
    BUS100 Management I 3
    BUS110 Business Law 3
    BUS200 Management II 3
  • Related Courses (4 credits)

    Course: Credits:
    CIS160 Introduction to Windows 1
    CIS107 Computer Applications 3
  • General Education Courses (17 credits)

    Course: Credits:
    GEN101 Freshman Seminar 1
    CIS101 Computer Literacy 3
    ENG101 Public Speaking 3
    ENG103 English Composition I 3
    ENG203 English Composition II 3
    LIB100 Information Literacy 1
    MAT220 Discrete Mathematics 3
  • Distribution (21 credits)

    Course: Credits:
    MATHEMATICS: MAT150 Statistics I 3
    SCIENCE: Elective 3
    HUMANITIES: Literature Elective 3
    HUMANITIES: Philosophy Elective 3
    HUMANITIES: History Elective 3
    HUMANITIES: Fine Arts Elective 3
  • Restricted Electives (9 credits)

    Course: Credits:
    Select any three courses with prefixes BUS; ACC; FNB; HED 9

 Total Credits: 63