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The Associate’s degree in Sports Science Management is designed for individuals who are interested in a business career in sports management. The program is a multidisciplinary study of business principles and processes as they apply to the sports industry and is designed to prepare students for a variety of challenges involved in the operation of sports programs at various levels. Possible areas include financial practice in sports management, managing human resources in sports organizations, and health maintenance for athletes, sports sales and promotions and legal issues as they apply to sports.

Program Requirements:

  • Business Courses (25 credits)

    Course: Credits:
    ACC100 Accounting I 3
    BUS100 Management I 3
    BUS124 Introduction to Sports Management 3
    BUS125 Financial Practice in Sports Management 3
    BUS126 Managing Human Resources in Sports Organizations 3
    BUS127 Sports Events Management 3
    BUS128 Sports Marketing 3
    BUS129 Sports and the Law 3
    CIS160 Introduction to Windows 1
  • General Education Courses (17 credits)

    Course: Credits:
    GEN101 Freshman Seminar 1
    CIS101 Computer Literacy 3
    ENG101 Public Speaking 3
    ENG103 English Composition I 3
    ENG203 English Composition II 3
    LIB100 Information Literacy 1
    MAT220 Discrete Mathematics 3
  • Distribution (21 credits)

    Course: Credits:
    MATHEMATICS: MAT150 Statistics I 3
    SCIENCE: Elective 3
    HUMANITIES: Literature Elective 3
    HUMANITIES: Philosophy Elective 3
    HUMANITIES: History Elective 3
    HUMANITIES: Fine Arts Elective 3

 Total Credits: 63