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Welcome Globe Institute of Technology Alumni:

Graduation is not the end of your Globe Institute of Technology (GIT) story but rather the beginning of your experience as a Globe Institute of Technology Alumni! GIT has been working to strengthen its connection with alumni in past years and we are committed to making your connection with GIT a lifelong and mutually beneficial experience.

We would like for alumni to stay abreast of GIT activities and foster a relationship beyond the undergraduate experience. Keep us posted on your accomplishments and career progress. It is our hope to share your achievements with your peers, current and future students by posting your stories on the newly created Alumni Affairs webpage; where you can find information about GIT- alumni events as well as college wide activities.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me. I appreciate your support and applaud your involvement with the GIT family.

Alumni Division
It is our desire to create, cultivate and sustain lifelong partnerships among the Globe Institute of Technology family by promoting the interest of the college and designing services specifically geared to the needs of our alumni.

To enhance the mission of Globe Institute of Technology through fostering relationships with alumni to elevate the college’s academic and institutional goals of providing quality education to students from diverse backgrounds who have traditionally been underrepresented in higher education.